A Selling of Enslaved Ancestors

A Painful Discovery: The selling of my ancestors
It was one day while searching on Ancestry.Com website that I came across the database “New Orleans. Louisiana, Slaves Manifests” 1807-1860 which is part of their “African American Collections.”. It stated that this database is a compilation of information for over 100,000 slaves who came to Louisiana between 1720 and 1820. And information in this database includes names of individual, name of master, gender, race, birthplace, age family relationships, including mate and children, selling information such as name of seller, name of buyer, selling currency and selling value, as well as retrieval information for the original document in which this information was found.
While searching this database, I found Great great-great grandpa Allen jones, his brothers John Jones, Richard Jones and George Jones all listed as being shipped from Norfolk, VA to First New Orleans, Louisiana and to Mobile Alabama along with a total of 125 other slaves listed as the following:
1. Name: Allen Jones, Gender: male, Color: Black. Birth: 1809, Age: 22 Height 5’3”
2. Name: John Jones, Gender: male, Color: Black, Birth: 1806, age 25, Height 5’7.5”
3. Name: Richard Jones, Gender: males, Color: Black, Birth: 1814, age 17 Height 5’8
4. Name: George Jones, Gender: male, Color: Black, Birth 1817, Age 14 Height 5’7
Ship Name: United States
 Port of Departure: Norfolk, Virginia
 Port of Arrival: New Orleans, Louisiana
 Date of Arrival: 1 Oct 31
 First Shipper/Owner: Henry C. Bell
 Second: Thomas Boudreau
 Shipper/Owner: Thomas Hooks, Jr (misspelled Thomas Sloo, Jr.)
 Second Shipper Residence:: New Orleans
 Record Type: Arrivals (Inward Manifests)
The ship United States left the Norfolk Port Oct 1, 1831 and arrived in the Port of New Orleans, Louisiana around Oct 22, 1831. And the records show that great great-great grandpa Allen Jones and his brother John Jones were put onto another ship to Mobile Alabama and possible other areas; while their brothers Richard Jones and George Jones were on plantations in New Orleans or surrounding areas exactly remains unknown.


One thought on “A Selling of Enslaved Ancestors

  1. Hi marich4,

    What a beautiful photo full of pride and strength! Thank you for sharing your story about finding your (our) ancestors from the slavery files. To think that this took place only 183 years ago … it’s hard to believe. Also, to see the movement of human beings in the same manner as cargo packages brings realism to this atrocity, far more than the 7-letter ‘slavery’ word does. It is important to continue to share and digest these stories.


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