What will death be like?

This question, at one time or another comes across everyone’s mind. The answer to the question about death was presented to me like this… You go to sleep, drifting into unconsciousness, but when you wake up… becoming consciously alert…You discover that your physical surroundings have changed. And as a child of The Most High, your physical surroundings will now be   one of two places. When, the earth will no longer be your home or residence. But you will awaken being fully conscious in your new surroundings a place of love with overwhelming Peace and harmonious Echoes of Praise as you bow in the presence of YAHUAH your Heavenly Father and YAHUSHA the Salvation of your soul. This truly will be your “Eternal Heavenly Utopia” to an unexplored wonder. Or you will awaken, being fully conscious of your new surroundings: engulfed in darkness  with absolute “evil, ”  horror seizes your mind; as you look face to face at  the god of your choice, Satan __ “the thief your soul.”  This truly will be your eternal “Dystopia” (a place where everything is very bad), hell…  



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