The Three Marriages of My Grandmother Sarah




 Grandma Sarah Richardson husbands: Grandfather__ Freeman Howard, Moses Sampson and Thomas McBride and their families

   Freeman Howard__ On the 1910 Census, Grandma Sarah {Richardson} Howard had been listed as the wife of Grandpa Freeman Howard born 1889 in South Carolina with no children at that time. Their Florida marriage record date was September 1909. Now, I knew that their oldest child, my Uncle Ebenezer “Buck” Howard, was born 1912 in Florida and my Grandma Sarah had told me that Grandpa Freeman Howard had died early as a result of a gambling dispute when he was killed.

      Moses “Mose” Sampson__ Now, I had an extremely difficult time locating any information about Grandpa Moses Sampson or his family members. One obstacle was his use of the nickname “Mose,” instead of his given name Moses.  Somehow, it had been said that he was probably from North Carolina or South Carolina. As I continued my searching for his family, I had very little family background information. Still for some reason, I began looking at the Florida census for the household of Grandpa Moses Sampson and Grandma Sarah {Richardson/Howard} Sampson, but I found no named Moses Sampson. So, eventually I decided to look up Grandma Sarah on the Florida census.

     Therefore, I went to the 1920 Census, looking up Sarah Sampson thinking by then she may have been married to her second husband Grandpa Moses Sampson. And sure enough I found them on the 1920 Census, listed as head of household was Grandpa Moses “Mose” Sampson born 1896 in Georgia with spouse Grandma Sarah Sampson born 1895 in South Carolina. They were living in Lebanon, Levy, Florida and I also located a record of their Florida marriage record which had the date of August 1916. Also listed on the 1920 census, listed was one child Uncle Ebenezer “Buck” Howard with his name was misspelled as Everence and gender listed as a female (daughter).

     It was on this 1920 Census that Grandpa Moses Sampson birthplace was listed as Georgia as well as birthplace of his parents. They were all listed as born in the state of Georgia. I was not certain as to when he had moved from the State of Georgia to the State of Florida. There was a confirmation of this Georgia connection which came through my father’s cousin Johnny Sampson from Plant City, Florida. He had told me that we had Sampson family in Tallahassee, Florida. So, he gave me name of one of our cousins with her phone number who I eventually called.

       When phoned her, I asked her about Grandpa Moses Sampson. She said, that maybe he was part of the Sampson family in Georgia, because she did not know him. Plus, she was born in the 1930’s and he had died in 1925. However, after further searching along with the information I had gotten from Cousin Nona Sampson Lincoln I found the name of some of his cousins also in Tallahassee, Leon, Florida; names, Henry Sampson, Willie Sampson and Peter Sampson but they were born in Florida. According to the 1910 Census, his cousin Henry Sampson born 1886 in Florida was listed as head of household with his wife Patsy {White) Sampson born 1881 in Florida and their children Peter Sampson born 1905 in Florida, Onett Sampson born 1907 in Florida and Earl Sampson born 1905 in Florida and Earl Sampson born 1910 in Florida. Also listed on the 1910 census as living with him in was his Grandmother Martha Ruffin born. However, while searching further I found on both the 1880 and 1900 Florida census a Henry Ruffin bn. 1830 in Virginia as well as both of his parents were born in Virginia and his wife Martha Ruffin bn. in Florida, but her parents were born in Georgia. They were  living in Florida. Both of her parents were listed on the census as being born. They were all living in Leon, Florida eventhough you have the states of Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida all some how connected.

     While looking for Henry Sampson on the 1900 census, I came across his wife Patsy {White} Sampson and her family.  Listed on the 1900 Census as head of household was August White born 1848 in Florida (parents born in South Carolina), his wife Martha White born 1847 in Florida (both of her parents were born in Virginia), their children John White born 1874 in Florida with his wife Hattie White born 1876 in Florida (both her parents born in South Carolina), James White born 1880 in Florida, Patsy White born 1882 in Florida, his brother Prince White born 1836 in Florida and finally his Mother Coomber White born 1810 in South Carolina. Yes, I was able to find some extended family members, but, I still was unable to locate the parents of Grandpa Moses “Mose” Sampson or any of his siblings on the Georgia or Florida census.

     Now going back to where I left off, Grandpa Moses Sampson and Grandma Sarah {Richardson} Sampson would have three children together, Johnnie May Sampson born 1923, Moses William Sampson born 1924 and Annie Lee Sampson born 1925 all born in Ocala, Florida after nine years of marriage. However, unfortunately, Grandpa Moses Sampson died in February 1925 from strep throat, two months before the birth of his daughter Annie Lee Sampson. And this now made Grandma Sarah {Richardson, Howard} Sampson a widow for the second time with four children to be raised by her.  I believe this is what would influence her to move back home with her parents. And eventually, they all moved farther south to Hopewell, Beallsville, Plant City and the Tampa Florida area where she would meet her third husband Thomas McBride.

          Thomas “Tom” McBride __Next, searching the 1935 Florida census, Grandma Sarah {Richardson} Sampson was listed with her husband Thomas {Tom} McBride born 1886 in South Carolina living in Plant City, Florida. Their marriage record was dated April 23, 1927 in Hillsborough Co., Florida. Grandpa Tom had three children Hilliard McBride born 1912, Samuel McBride born 1916 and Matilda McBride born 1917 all born around Starkes, Florida area. They were from his previous marriage to Maryland Goodwine born 1891 in Florida. An unusual thing was that later, my Aunt Pearl Richardson would marry a Leroy Goodwine. Now sometime after his first wife’s death, Grandpa Tom McBride married Grandma Sarah in 1927 with her four children Ebenezer “Buck” Howard age 11, Johnnie May Sampson age 4, Moses William Sampson age 3 and Annie Lee age 2. Grandpa Tom McBride and Grandma Sarah eventually had one surviving daughter together Lillie Bell McBride born 1935 in Florida. I am disappointed in that I have not been unable to find any of Grandpa Tom McBride’s family members.


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