Through my research I have discovered that it was not Hamitic Africans who sold the Hebrew Negroes of Africa into slavery; but it were Islamic Arabs who had conquered African Rulers; and replaced them with Islamic rulers. Below are the dates, Islamic  Rulers.   AFRICAN KINGDOMS – Kingdoms of Ancient African History


Yakub Al-Mansur (1149-1199)


  • Yakub Ibn Yusuk, better known as Al-Mansur, was the most powerful of the Moorish rulers who dominated Spain for five hundred years. His surname, Al-Mansur, means “The Invincible.” He defeated all of his enemies, never having lost a battle. Al-Mansur’s father was African and Arab, but his mother was a pure African slave, believed to have been from Timbuctoo or Senegal. Landing in Spain, defeating and capturing all major cities, Al-Mansur, returned to Africa with three thousand Christian captives, young women and children.



Abu Bakr II (c 14 Century)


  • Abu Bakr II ( also Mansa Abu Bakari II, or Mansa Mohammed) was the ninth mansa of the Mali Empire. He succeeded his nephew Mansa Mohammed ibn Gao and preceded Kankou Musa I.


Sunni Ali Ber (1464-1492)


  • Sunni Ali, whose real name was Ali Kolon, began as a common soldier in the army of KanKan Musa, Mandingo ruler of the Mellistine Empire, into which he had been forcibly enlisted, after the defeat and  enslavement of his people, the Songhays.


Mulai Ismael (1647-1727)


  • Mulai Ismael’s road to the throne was not easy. He was forced to fight many family members, including his brother Rachid and his nephew Achmet. Defeating enemy after enemy, Mulai devoted himself to internal affairs. He started by increasing the number of the Bokhura, a corp of fighting men which he founded earlier in his reign, made up of Africans from the Sudan



Muhammed Bello (1815-1837)


Ø  Muhammed Bello (reigned 1815 – 1837) (Arabic: محمد بيلو) was the son and aide of Usman dan Fodio. He became the second Sultan of Sokoto following his father’s 1815 retirement from the throne. Bello faced early challenges from dissident leaders such as ‘Abd al-Salam, and rivalries between the key families of his father’s jihad. Bello soon consolidated his rule by granting land and power to these leading Fulani families.


Behanzin Hossu Bowelle “The King Shark” (1841-1906)


  • Behanzin Bowelle “The King Shark”, was the most powerful of the West African Kings in the last years of the 19th Century. Behanzin was the absolute master of his kingdom. A nod of his head meant life or death for his subjects. Not many were permitted to see him do even the most common things.


The DAHOMEMIAN Female Army (1841)


  • Dahomey was a wealthy West African empire. The elements of Dahomey’s success were its trade and its powerful army, whose soldiers were considered invincible. The fierce and mighty Behanzin Bowelle was the king of this great empire. His army contained 25,000 warriors, 5,000 of which were women. These women were thoroughly trained and kept trim by a system of gymnastics developed by the Dahomeys.



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