The Most High Creator YAH Completes Another Puzzle

This is a comparison picture of my great-great grandmother Sarah Carter-Richardson born about 1840 in South Carolina and Pharaoh Mentuhotep II who reigned for 51 years on the throne and he reunited Egypt and Nubia. As I was working on my family genealogy one day I began to notice some slight facial similarities between them of their eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, lips, chin, neck, etc. According to DNA genetics these are examples of a person’s phenotype.

  • The observable physical or biochemical characteristics of an organism, as determined by both genetic makeup and  environmental influences.
  • The expression of a specific trait, such as stature based on genetic and environmental influences.
  • Some members of my family; have done DNA analysis tests one of which is my paternal Y-DNA. My paternal (my father Moses Sampson) hapolgroup is E1b1a and my paternal great-grandfather (my grandmother Betty Jones father) haplogroup is E1b1a8a1. In December 2012, a genetic study conducted by the same researchers who decoded King Tutankhamun’s DNA found that Ramesses III, second pharaoh of the Twentieth Dynasty of Egypt and considered to be the last great New Kingdom regent to wield any substantial authority over Egypt, belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup E-V38, alternatively known as haplogroup E1b1a.[39
  • Subsequent analysis of the autosomal profile of the mummy of Pharaoh Rameses III also concluded that this matched the genetic profiles of the population of the Great Lakes region as well. The strong cultural connection between the ancient Egyptians and the modern people of the Great Lakes region of Africa have long been noted for more than a century now by ethnographers (people who study ethnicity). Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs related to Ugandans – DNA – Daily Monitor › Home › Other Features › Reviews & Profiles

    The living Descendants of the Ancient Egyptians – History Forum … › … › Regional History or Period History › African History

    Jan 17, 2015 – The ancient Egyptian civilization is much older than the 5,000 year … They came in canoes on the River Nile as far as Juja, Uganda and later moved eastward into lake Victoria. ….. Named for the pharaoh who attempted to convert Egypt to … A previous issue of DNA Tribes Digest identified African related …
    Y-DNA Haplogroups are the groupings of mankind based on analysis of the Y-chromosome, which has been passed from father to son since the beginning of mankind.
  • Haplogroups can be determined from the remains of historical figures, or derived from genealogical DNA tests of people who trace their direct maternal or paternal ancestry to a noted historical figure.

I find it quite interesting that I found this picture of Pharaoh Mentuhotep II and later after comparing the picture of my great-great grandmother Sarah Carter-Richardson with his; they shared a few facial similarities. Then when I found that there was a possible DNA genetic lineage of the Y-DNA Haplogroup E1b1a & E1b1a8a1 through my grandfather Moses Sampson and my great grandfather Alonzo “Lonnie” Jones; it has been determined that the Y-Haplogroup leads to the patrilineal most recent common ancestor.  All of this new information has lead to my being overwhelmed with joy and excitement. Especially since, I started out knowing only hand full of my ancestral family members. Yes, I can see that once again, the Most High Creator YAH has put more pieces of the puzzle together of whom our ancestors were and where they originally came from.


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